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Deed of Commitment under Geneva Call for Adherence to a total Ban on Anti-personnel Mines and for Cooperation in Mine Action - JVA

Year:2005 Type of document:Unilateral Declarations and Statements ANSA:Juba Valley Alliance (JVA) Country / Territory:Somalia PDF:English

Declaration on Cessation of Hostilities, Structures and Principles of the Somalia National Reconciliation Process

Year:2002 Type of document:Agreements ANSA:Transitional National Government (TNG), Rahanweyn Resistance Army - Faction of Col. Hassan Mohamed Nur “Shatigudud” (RRA-Shatigudud), Hiran Patriotic Alliance (HPA), United Somali Congress/Somali National Alliance-Nakuru (USC/SNA/Nakuru ), Somali National Front (SNF), Juba Valley Alliance (JVA), Southern Somali National Movement/BIREM (SSNM/BIREM), Southern Somali National Movement/Somali National Alliance (SSNM/SNA), Somalia Reconciliation and Restoration Council (SRRC), Somali African Muki Organization - Nakuru (SAMO/Nakuru), Jowhar Administration, Somali Patriotic Movement - Faction of General Aden Abdullahi Nur “Gabyow” (SPM-Gabyow), Puntland State of Somalia, United Somali Congress/Somali Salvation Army (USC/SSA), United Somali Congress (USC), Somali Patriotic Movement (SPM), United Somali Congress/Somali National Alliance (USC/SNA) Country / Territory:Somalia PDF:English

Comment: Notably Article 3 "Enhanced Safe Access for Aid" affirming the right to receive humanitarian assistance and guaranteeing the security of humanitarian relief personnel and objects.