There are three search functions:

1. Advanced Search

This function allows you to select in more detail the documents you are looking for.

Title will retrieve documents where the search term(s) appear in the title. It allows you to search for words which appear in the titles or for exact document titles. For example, entering "deed of commitment" will only retrieve documents where the search terms are part of its title. As well as English the search can be done using French and Spanish terms for document titles in these two languages.

Country allows you to select a specific country from the drop-down menu.

Armed Non State Actor allows you to select a specific ANSA from the drop-down menu.

Type of document allows you to select one of three categories from the drop-down menu.
Document types are:

  • Unilateral declarations and statements
    Declarations, statements or commitments made by ANSAs for an external audience. For example: declarations of adherence, communiqués, letters, deeds of commitment, answers to allegations, political programmes, joint declarations.
  • Internal rules and regulations
    Internal measures taken by ANSAs for their members and/or the civilian populations living in territories under their control. For example: codes of conduct, orders, directives, oaths, penal/disciplinary codes, legislations, decrees, manuals, organizational documents, statutes, constitutions.
  • Agreements
    Agreements made between ANSAs and governments, inter-governmental and/or humanitarian organizations. For example: memorandums of understanding, special agreements, multilateral agreements, bilateral agreements, peace agreements, ceasefire agreements, action plans.

Sub-categories to these types of documents (for example: codes of conduct, communiqués, declarations of adherence, peace agreements, etc.) can be searched through the keyword search box.

Year allows you to select a specific year of a document.

Keyword(s) allows you to search for a specific keyword or for several keywords. You must write at least the two first letters of a keyword and a drop-down menu will enable you to choose from the keywords listed. This operation can be repeated for as many keywords as you want to add. Selected keywords will appear in the row ‘Selected keyword(s)’. You can search in English, French or Spanish. Please note that the keywords are for reference purposes only. They do not in any way indicate whether the standards referred to in the relevant ANSA document are consistent with international law.

2. Search by continent

This function allows you to search according to the continents listed on the left of the search page. Having chosen a continent, you may select a specific country and an ANSA. At the end of the catalogue you will have the option to choose a document type.

3. Search by thematic area

This function allows you to search according to the thematic areas listed on the left of the search page.