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Peace treaty and principles of interelation between Russian Federation and Chechen Republic Ichkeria

Year:1997 Type of document:Agreements ANSA:Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Country / Territory:Russian Federation, Chechnya PDF:English

Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland

Year:2000 Type of document:Internal Rules and Regulations ANSA:Somaliland (Republic of) Country / Territory:Somalia, Somaliland PDF:English, Somali

Comment: See notably:
Chapter I
Part Two, Article 8: Equality of Citizens
Part Two, Article 10: Foreign Relations
Part Two, Articles 17 - 20: Health, Disaster Relief, Care of the Vulnerable in Society, Welfare of Employees
Part Three: Rights of the Individual, Fundamental Freedoms and the Duties of the Citizen
Human Rights and fundamental guarantees including the prohibition of torture (Article 24), the rights of persons deprived of their liberty (Article 27), the rights of women (Article 36) etc.